For small and medium-sized businesses, technology can make the difference that drives your business forward and sets you apart from the competition.

Analyse & reporting tools

Business intelligence has long been a Subject for companies. BI als Teil des Wegweisers!


Give your company the tools to manage contacts, sales opportunities and campaigns efficiently.

Financial Accounting

Streamline your accounting processes and increase control over your company's finances.

Human Resources

Wages & salaries application for the complete process of payroll with certification.


Optimize your manufacturing processes and quickly adapt to changing customer requirements.


A complete overview gives you more transparency for ongoing and planned projects.


The market is constantly changing, and new requirements influence every area of your company.

Service Management

Gain a competitive advantage with excellent customer service that creates customer loyalty.

Time management

Complete solutions for time management, personnel planning, operational data acquisition and access control.

Power BI

Power BI Desktop & Pro

Power BI allows you to build a dashboard. For a dashboard, the amount of data is irrelevant, because in the desktop version, a multi-page dashboard can be built. Therefore, there is the possibility to keep everything at a glance, especially with large amounts of data.

he Pro version allows you to have your dashboards in view at any time from anywhere via a web browser. Power BI provides the structured introduction to Business Intelligence for every business. Real-time synchronization not only happens with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but is also possible with many other programs and apps.

As a cloud-based business analytics service and business intelligence tool, Power BI shows its true power, allowing every user to capture, visualize and analyze data faster, more efficiently, and more understandably. Power BI is the most advanced tool to maintain and develop a business. Users are connected through dashboards and reports and the data can be linked to your website. Power BI brings data to life.

Based on real time

Business Intelligence has long been a topic to be faced for companies. BI as part of the signpost! Where should it go and how? This information comes from the direct comparison of data and various analyzes.

Analyzing the data is possible in many ways. Not every BI tool can handle big data. Large data volumes and various data sources are processed simply and compactly and can withstand all requirements. In conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Power BI demonstrates its competence and impact.

Whether it's strategy, planning, sales & purchasing or price comparison, Power BI is the tool for business intelligence. In Power BI, within your business group, you can visualize all data in real time. Wherever you and your data (cloud or own server) are located and which device you use (computer, tablet or smartphone) all data is always up-to-date and reliable. Thus you to get the time for planning and strategy. Power BI is the best solution for this.


Power BI Pro


Power BI Desktop

Analyse & reporting tools

Business Intelligence (BI)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides real-time access to business analytics and statistics. A range of analysis and reporting tools help you to:

- Manage budgets
- Create and consolidate reports
- Identify trends and relationships
- Provide meaningful analytics in the enterprise


Sales statistics

Jet Reports

Jet Reports Express is an add-on in your familiar Microsoft Excel interface, which ensures you fast access to your ERP data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The evaluation takes place directly on the productive system, so your data are always up to date. Starting with Dynamics NAV 2009, this version is available to all users free of charge. Here are two examples: Top 10 customers & sales statistics.


Top 10 customers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Marketing and Sales

Give people in your organization the power to efficiently manage contacts, opportunities, and campaigns while building customer relationships that drive both sales and customer loyalty. Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you through the use of networked data and processes, as well as extensive integration with Microsoft® Office system programs.

Stay connected and gain mobility. Capture and manage contact data and important activities directly in Microsoft Office Outlook® - in the office, from abroad or while working offline - and then synchronize the data with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Keep customer data always at hand. Maintain an overview of your contacts, define individual customer profiles and simply access special contact data.

Turn data into opportunities. Identify opportunities and structure and track sales processes with rich customer data management and reporting capabilities.

Analyze performance with powerful reporting tools. Use Microsoft Office Excel® and Microsoft SQL Server ™ Reporting Services to access contextual sales reports. Promote consistent sales efforts. Give team members Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services integration access to calendar data and activities, task lists, important documents, and task assignments.

Financial Accounting

Streamline your accounting processes and increase control over your organization's finances using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Accounting. With built-in data, intelligent transaction processing, and in-depth analysis and reporting tools, you'll spend less time controlling.

Increase your efficiency and productivity. Streamline traditional accounting practices, automate your financial processes, and work more efficiently with an intuitive, customizable interface for each user.

Make informed, data-driven decisions. Powerful analytics and in-depth reporting services to assist you in performance monitoring, identification of financial developments and in identifying possible sources of problems. Take advantage of global opportunities ...

Meet the most demanding international financial accounting requirements and master your global business with flexible accounting processes and multi-currency support.

Increase your data integrity. Centralize your core financial data - such as target and actual numbers, foreign currencies and averages. The use of a single booking process ensures automated totals and the availability of data at all times.

Achieve financial transparency. Integrated systems, shared data and drill-down capabilities create a clear picture of your business transactions. Item numbers associated with each booking ensure traceability also within the context of the auditing.

Human Resources

With human resources for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you receive a future-oriented payroll system for the entire process of payroll accounting.

The human resource area is covered by applicant and qualification management as well as the administration of web applications, time management of your employees and travel expenses. The employee portal is available for the online access of your employees.

The human resources system is modular. This gives your company the freedom to use only what is needed at the moment.

The in-house task solution for payroll, time tracking with full integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office increases your company's efficiency and flexibility.

In addition, the add-on Jet Report Express is also available in this area.


Optimize your manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to changing customer requirements to ensure timely deliveries. Get an overview of your production with up-to-date data and status information about individual production orders. With Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can increase operational efficiency and effectively manage the components of your manufacturing, such as: For example, production orders, bills of material, procurement and capacity requirement planning. Identify accurate delivery dates based on flexible processes and integrated information, respond quickly to last-minute requests and changes, and leverage new business opportunities to take advantage of your competitors.

Improve the performance of your business - from manufacturing to sales. Optimize your operations through automated manufacturing processes and get 100 percent visibility into all business processes-from order creation, through manufacturing and storage, to product delivery.

Secure your customers access to reliable information. Optimize delivery schedule compliance and respond quickly to customer inquiries about order status and product delivery times.

React quickly to changing customer needs through flexible manufacturing. Take advantage of the planning of express and special orders and consider last-minute changes by supporting multiple scheduling options, order tracking and interactive event messages.

Production with variants

VariPlus is your practical tool to quickly and reliably vary existing BOMs and routings.

You never have to laboriously do this manually again and you can have your desired variant created with a touch of a button. This can already happen in sales, which also reliably enables a reliable calculation.


Dynamic generation of BOMs and routings | Demand-driven configuration of variants | Overarching generation of all variants in the article master | Constructions know-how already available in sales | Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Avoiding copying errors | Calculation with construction or production data | Delivery schedule with realistic work plans | Production planning and control realistically possible before order intake | Standard-compliant evaluations via the variant codes | Automatic translation of the parameters for documents in other languages


With the project module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can easily and directly understand the influence of individual project decisions on the overall success of your company. A complete overview gives you more transparency in current and planned projects. The project module gives you a complete understanding of your actual project costs and the profitability of your activities.

Gain more transparency in your tasks and projects. Real-time views of actual and planned costs, sales, and invoices for each project enable intelligent planning.

Sign planning and billing details to each task. When setting up project steps, you can create lists that include the expected consumption of items, resources, and other cost factors, as well as their billing options.

Manage fixed-price projects confidently and efficiently. The planning of projects can range from simple time and material projects to highly complex fixed price projects. The amounts can be divided into budgeted figures (budget), consumption and contractual agreements (sales).

Integrate tasks and projects into the general business processes. Consumption from projects can be booked simultaneously in financial accounting and in the project items. All articles purchased for projects or taken from their own warehouse can be controlled as usual in article tracking. Keep an eye on your WIP values. The work in progress can be calculated according to five different methods and posted to items for items, resources and costs. You can recalculate amounts before booking and undo erroneous bookings.

Optimize logistic processes

The supply chains under control

Optimize your logistics processes and increase your competitiveness. The market is constantly changing and new demands are affecting every aspect of your business. Quickly and efficiently translate new market opportunities into competitive advantages. Business software must be able to react flexibly to the constant change in the markets. That's why Microsoft Dynamics NAV - from implementing the solution to optimizing business processes - has a high degree of flexibility. So you can recognize and use new business opportunities.

Lower your purchasing and storage costs. Combine your inventory control, purchasing and sales processes with your demand planning to reduce costs, improve cash flow and ensure optimized inventory levels.

Get insight into the warehouse processes. Use needs assessments, tracking of items and their expiration dates within the supply chain to minimize available inventory. Optimize the procurement of items and improve the efficiency of warehouse processes.

Improve customer satisfaction. Secure up-to-the-minute inventory data with accurate delivery schedules and intelligent last-minute orders. Respond quickly and expertly to customer requests to improve customer service.

Speed up the time to market your products. Take advantage of integrated processes in purchasing, warehousing and in distribution as well as the functions of the item tracking to reduce manual data entry and introduce the products to the market faster.

Service Management

Get a competitive edge with outstanding customer service that creates customer loyalty and drives profitability. Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can assist your organization in handling customer service requests, organizing your resources for maximum efficiency, and promoting customer satisfaction.

mprove operational efficiency. Create a more productive work environment with tight control over spare parts, costs, workloads and task prioritization.

Create the conditions for an improved service order management. Improve the creation, assignment, completion, and invoicing of service orders, as well as specifying and tracking spare parts consumption with improved access to up-to-date data (contracts, pricing, task prioritization, skills and workload of technicians or teams).

Manage contracts effectively. Build and monitor warranties, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), contractual service intervals, or response times so your staff can automate related service orders and capture contract fulfillment and history data that enable profitable deals and agreements.

Create customer loyalty. Become a better provider by offering proactive service, consider the customer history and preferences in the allocation decisions and implement customer-specific pricing and discounts.