Store documents!

Where do you store your documents? Companies have better things to do than manage and archive their documents in compliance with the law.

Archiving system

Document management is a convenient way to automatically and quickly capture documents. Paper-based documents can be automated and manually indexed, classified and stored in any archive system or forwarded to other systems. The process goes through the built-in standard recognition engine, which is combined with indexing procedures (scan, barcode, OCR, database and application access, etc.).

With a suitable connection to different archiving systems, it is always possible to call or re-assign the desired documents. Long search times of your documents in file folders are a thing of the past.

All rules and settings are configured according to company requirements. Configurations of this kind range from barcode / OCR recognition to page separation, form recognition, and database attachments. Document management is suitable for all types and sizes of companies. If you regularly want to submit business-relevant documents in accordance with legal requirements, a DMS is the only best solution.

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Synchronized integration

The DMS system is integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV via the API interface. This enables a fast, secure and synchronous integration of both systems and offers the user the possibility to search documents directly in the ERP application. In the Drop Zone you can safely and quickly assign all files (documents, pictures, e-mails, etc.) to a task. At the same time, the tagging is done automatically in the background. Due to the keywording it is possible to search and find offers or orders via the invoice number.
The DMS ensures legally compliant storage. All changes can be reconstructed. The interface can be extended at any time. The DMS can also be used for non-ERP-related documents, eg. For example, for archiving personnel files, for quality management or as a general company archive. With the Mobile Web Client, every user can access the archive system, documents, pictures or emails, regardless of location or device (eg smartphone or tablet). Via the integrated document viewer and search templates, the Web Client is ideally suited for mobile access around the clock.

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No more stacks of documents! Index documents automatically

Batches of documents can be processed automatically with document management in a single step. Special filters allow the scanning application to recognize and automatically index the most common document types (delivery notes, invoices, etc.). In this way, documents can be quickly and properly worded and filed.

The document archive from the socket

Businesses today have better things to do than deal with the administration and lawful archiving of their documents. You want to concentrate on your core competences. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that business-relevant information is available 24/7 anywhere. At best from the respective technical application, so that business processes can be handled as efficiently as possible.

With Kendox's «InfoShare Cloud Archive Service», businesses benefit from secure and traceable data storage in the cloud. The highly available and flexible archiving platform can be quickly and easily integrated into existing applications, while ensuring that documents are available anytime, anywhere - through your application, the Web browser or a tablet or smartphone.

Document management with Kendox InfoShare

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The Kendox InfoShare family of products is designed for enterprise applications seeking to optimize the management of electronic documents, information, files and processes. The very high scalability and openness of the overall system guarantee that smaller teams and workgroups as well as company-wide applications can be mapped. Users work with the application of their choice - either with the Windows Client, the Web Client in the browser, seamlessly integrated with a leading application such as ERP systems or with the cutting-edge app for mobile devices. It is always ensured that the managed documents are managed audit-proof and compliant with the law in the document archive.

Document management (or ECM - Enterprise Content Management) serves various sub-functions: Documents are recorded, archived in the DMS system under compliance aspects and integrated with existing business processes.

Efficient DMS

Information is still often managed in different locations in companies today. Comprehensive access to all information and effective collaboration between departments is often not possible. “Kendox InfoShare” supports you in making documents and files available quickly and easily within the company. Typical document management functions such as Check-out / check-in, versioning, annotations and flexible search options are immediately available to your users. In this way, documents can be filed efficiently, archived in an audit-proof manner and, above all, quickly and easily found again.

Integrated process manager

Business process management is high on the agenda of many companies - regardless of size and industry. The processes in the company are not only becoming more efficient and faster, but above all more flexible and transparent. With the "InfoShare Process Manager", processes can be predefined so that recurring processes always run the same and it is clear where the overall process is currently and who is currently responsible. In addition, individual processes can also be defined ad-hoc - the user can, if necessary, determine which route, for example, a document has to go through in order to ultimately be released.