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We present concludis e-recruiting to you

Intuitive and simple, everything at a glance, clear and self-explanatory. This is what our customers say about concludis e-recruiting. Through feedback from our customers, we made concludis what applicant it is today: an award-winning e-recruitment system for cross-industry use in recruitment. The user-friendliness for recruiters and applicants at the same time are aspects that our customers emphasize as particularly relevant. Over 150 companies have already entrusted their e-recruiting concludis.

concludis received the highest satisfaction scores in the e-recruiting software study of the "Institutes for Competitive Recruiting (ICR)" in 2015 and again in 2016. For the second year in a row, the software was awarded the test seal "Winner in the category customer satisfaction". In addition, concludis was recognized as the software that is the most user-friendly for both the applicant and the recruiter. The ICR interviewed over 10,000 HR professionals for this quality check. More than 300 HR officers have given detailed feedback on the e-recruiting system they use. They assessed the functionality of the system used and also determined its importance for daily use.

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Personnel files - digital files

Documents and emails can be easily structured and managed in digital files with «Kendox InfoShare». The files themselves are freely configurable and adapt to your processes - and not the other way around! For example, entire files can be accessed via the «Kendox Client» or conveniently from specialist applications.

Specifically tailored to the management of digital files, «InfoShare digital files» allows the logical combination of documents in files and dossiers. Depending on the business process and use case, different structures and properties are configured for the files. In this way, files for a wide variety of applications, such as e.g. Implement personnel files, customer files, supplier files etc.

The Kendox InfoShare digital files are used to logically summarize documents, information and processes. Digital files contain descriptive properties (data fields) and have an internal structure or structure as well as a distinct possibility to define data protection. Kendox InfoShare offers the possibility to realize different kinds of digital files, which enables a number of applications.

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Wages and salaries / human resources

Microsoft Dynamics NAV maps the entire process of payroll accounting and ensures an efficient process:

• Employee master data management
• Gross / net wage calculation
• Partial retirement / Flexill
• All common notification procedures:

AAG, DEUEV, ELSIAM, contribution statements, RehadatElan, Elster, paying agent procedure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you with functions for personnel management, employee development and recruiting in a complete solution:

• Job management including organizational plans
• Web applications
• Applicant management
• Qualification management with training management
• Employee equipment

Certification / Time & Attendance

Certification system:

• Proof of living income
• Maternity benefit certificate
• Sickness benefit certificate
• Sickness benefit illness
• Work certificate
• Training certificate
• Income certificate §58 SGB II

Time & Attendance:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages the working hours and absences of your employees:

• Data transfer to wages and salaries, projects, Resources and production
• Time recording / BDE
• Shift plans
• Absence management of illness, vacation etc.
• Various terminals (Datafox, Kronos, etc.)

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