Graphic planning
Microsoft Dynamics

The Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) is an add-in that is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is used to visualize all project data (projects, project tasks, project plan lines) in a separate project module in the form of Gantt diagrams.

Graphical project and resource planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the Visual Jobs Scheduler

Improvement of project planning, execution & resource utilization

Take the opportunity to see projects, project tasks, project plan lines, deadlines and resource demands at a glance. Define dependencies between project tasks and project plan lines interactively. Detect dependencies & conflicts and correct them if necessary using drag-and-drop. Improve your resource utilization, streamline your project execution and respond better to unplanned or unexpected events.

Project view

Display of data by project status, project tasks, project plan lines and resource allocation. Branch of a "rough" overview on the upper level to a detailed view. Interactions of projects, project tasks and project plan lines by drag and drop. Definition of dependencies: When a project task is moved, for example, the subsequent project task is automatically also moved.


Daten werden nach Ressourcen & Ressourcengruppen dargestellt. Ressourcenauslastung & -konflikte von einzelnen Ressourcen und Ressourcengruppen („Histogramm“ auch auf Gruppenlevel) werden auf einen Blick deutlich. Ändern der Ressourcenzuweisung durch Verschieben einer Projektaufgabe/Projektplanzeile von einer Ressource zu einer anderen.

Histogram view

Overview of the utilization of resources and resource groups. All histograms of the resource groups and resources are displayed in the same order as in the resource view.


Fully integrated: The Visual Jobs Scheduler is started from the role-based department menu and opens its own page. This ensures seamless collaboration between the Visual Jobs Scheduler and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Double-clicking on a project task opens the map with the corresponding project task lines. The same applies to resources. Double-clicking on a resource opens the corresponding resource card Visual decision support in real time: In addition to the temporal position of projects, project tasks and project plan lines including their assignment to individual resources, the respective utilization of the resources is displayed. If a project task is postponed in such a way that an overload occurs, a visual warning appears, which can be reacted to immediately. Interactive visual planning: Change assignments to resources or start and end dates of individual projects, project tasks, project plan lines and resources with simple mouse actions. Implement and visualize dependencies on project tasks at the same time. Creating dependencies between projects and tasks: Create interactive dependencies between projects, project tasks & project plan lines by simply drawing a dependency. The corresponding information is stored in a VJS table.

Technical details

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013 R2, 2013 and 2009 R2, based entirely on the .NET framework, designed for data from the project module (projects, project tasks, project plan lines), real-time integration as Dynamics NAV Page, interactive planning via drag-and-drop, data-driven visualization, comprehensive printing functionality. Project view, resource view, visualization of capacity utilization.